5-week Stone Lithography Course


Sundays 11th Sep – 9th October 2022

10am-4pm each day

Want to try out stone lithography? Who could blame you!

This printmaking process gained popularity as the only one that allows artists to paint or draw directly onto a flat stone to create an image. With all its endless possibilities, it gets our vote!

What to expect in this workshop:

A five-week introduction to stone lithography. Learn about drawing, etching and printing. Get the chance to experiment with this wonderfully expressive process. Each participant will have their own stone to use.
Covered will be:

  • Drawing, etching and printing
  • Two methods of making deletions
  • Adding drawing to the stone after printing
  • Colour mixing and printing

In lithography what you draw is what you print, so come and try it for yourself!


How it works:

You’ll draw/ paint onto a flat stone with a greasy substance (i.e. litho inks and crayons/pencils). The stone will be moistened with water. The parts of the stone unprotected by the greasy paint will soak up the water. An oil-based ink will be rolled onto the stone. All the greasy parts of the stone will pick up the ink, the wet parts will not. A piece of paper is pressed onto the stone. The ink transfers from the stone to the paper – voila

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