Lithography Courses

We run a range of specialist lithography courses at our print studio in Bristol. These courses cover a wide range of techniques to achieve unique lithographs. The courses we run are also aimed at all abilities – from beginners looking to learn the basics to teachers of lithography or artists wishing to expand their knowledge. The courses are run as small group sessions.

One-on-one teaching sessions can also be arranged directly with us, just get in touch! We can travel to your studio to pass on some lithography knowledge to technicians or as part of a group depending on the requirements of the individuals involved. This is especially useful for universities and open access studios who would like to introduce lithography, or revive the practice. We look to collaborate with as many individuals and collectives as possible and are always looking to expand our artist base.

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5-Week Stone Lithography Course

Want to try out stone lithography? Who could blame you!

A five-week introduction to stone lithography. Learn about drawing, etching and printing. Get the chance to experiment with this wonderfully expressive process. Each participant will have their own stone to use.

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Introduction to Transfer Printing, £95

During this workshop students will learn how to:

  • Make their own transfer paper.
  • Be given an opportunity to draw, transfer and print an image.
  • Look at how textures and photographic images can be incorporated through transfer methods.

This course is suitable for anyone wanting to expand upon their knowledge of lithography and explore new ways of making imagery.

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1-day Photoplate litho:

This one day workshop is a full introduction to creating and printing your own lithograph. Get to grips with the basics of this practice.

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1-day Introduction to Stone Lithography

Always wanted to try out stone lithography? Who could blame you! The course includes includes:

  • Stone lithography fundamentals
  • Drawing techniques and materials
  • Processing
  • Printing

If you are interested in attending, please click the link below.

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Introduction to plate lithography

This course is aimed at artists and teachers of lithography and provides an introduction into:

  • Ball-Grained aluminium plate lithography
  • Drawing techniques and materials
  • Processing
  • Printing

If you are interested in attending, please click the link below.

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Monoprinting & chine collé masterclass

Monoprinting is a unique form of printmaking where the image can only be made once, unlike most printmaking which creates multiple originals. Chine collé is a special printmaking technique where different coloured or textured paper adheres to your overall piece.

This masterclass course covers everything you’ll need to know.

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Transfer printmaking (2 days)

Transfer printmaking is the act of transferring something that’s already been drawn onto another surface. The source materials can be any kind of media that can be manipulated to release from the original surface and bind to a new one.

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