Lithographic Printmaking
Studio in Bristol

The Lemonade Press is an independent lithography studio in Bristol, England, offering lithographic printmaking, plate graining and print courses.

We are a brand new printmaking studio in Bristol dedicated to hand lithography and we are the only print studio in the area offering this unique process. We work closely with artists to realise their ideas. Offering facilities for stone, plate and photo-plate lithography to use on a membership basis or as a collaborative editioning service for artists.

The studio has the unique asset of a plate graining machine which provides an essential service for lithographers in the UK. We supply aluminium and zinc ball-grained plates to Universities, Colleges, open-access workshops and private presses.

Lithography Courses

We run detailed courses in both stone and ball-grained plate lithography, with tutoring from an experienced instructor. Artists can learn the process of lithography and expand their art practise and learn new printing techniques.

We have a group lithography course scheduled for October 2020.

To sign up for one of our courses, please email or sign up to our newsletter.


Open Access

We are an open-access art studio, offering a wide range of memberships and technical support. It is also possible for lithographers to edition print on a one-off basis, so please get in touch for details.


Collaborative Printing

We work closely with artists to realise their ideas. We handle the technical considerations so the artist can concentrate on their creative process. The artist and printer work together through all stages of the process.


Plate Graining

We deliver a plate-graining service for both aluminium and zinc lithography plates. We undertake this service for a range of people including artists, studios and Universities.



The principle printmaker at The Lemonade Press is Catherine Ade, who trained at The Tamarind Institute in New Mexico. An experienced artist, printmaker and UWE MA Multi Disciplinary Printmaking graduate who has many years of collaborative editioning experience at The Curwen Studio, London.


The Lemonade Press is an independent art studio located just off Gloucester Road, Bristol. We recognise the importance of working one-on-one with the artist, with quality and attention to detail being a primary concern.


The Lemonade Press offers a membership system for printmakers. This allows artists to use the studio when required in order to facilitate their own printmaking.
For more details, please get in touch.

Plate Graining

The Lemonade Press offers a specialist plate-graining service. This includes graining aluminium and zinc plates at a range of sizes and quantities which can then be used for new editions.
Please see the plate graining page for more details.


The Lemonade Press,
Elm Road Studios,
7 Elm Rd, Bristol,

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 0900-1700