Daisy Dixon

We are pleased to share the release of six new lithographs by Daisy Dixon. Daisy is currently artist in residence at the Sidney Nolan Trust.

Untitled shadows 1-6

36 x 36cm

Printed on Somerset Satin White, 300gsm

Collaborating Printer: Catherine Ade

We first met Daisy when she came to the studio for a residency back in summer 2022, and have enjoyed working together on developing this new suite of prints.

Dixon uses drawing and printmaking processes to visually research Mary Nolan. Mary’s experience is woven into the fabric of objects left behind and their placement at Rodd Court (Sidney Nolan Trust). The intention is to make real the intangible quality of Mary’s presence.

This series of photolithographic prints explores the visual traces of things that have passed. In this series, light sensitive aluminium plates, lamps and domestic objects have been used to make photographic positives. The light is shone through the objects for different amounts of time, transforming familiar items into something less recognisable.

To enquire about these works please email the artist directly: dixon.daisymay@gmail.com


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